Cookie policy

1. What are cookies?

The term cookies refers to any trackers left or stored for example when consulting a web page, reading an email or installing or using software or mobile apps.

2. Why does Econocom use cookies?

The types of cookies Econocom uses on its websites fall into two categories:

  • Technical cookies: these are used to record the predefined settings in your browser in order to ensure you an optimal, more personalised browsing experience. For example, a technical cookie may record your choice of language in your browser. These cookies cannot track your browsing history on other websites and do not gather any information about you that could be used for advertising purposes. You may prevent these cookies from being used via your browser (see chapter 4) . However, please be advised that blocking this type of cookies, which do not store confidential data, may prevent access to the website or its services.
  • Audience-tracking cookies:  these allow Econocom to gather statistics on the way visitors use Econocom’ websites, such as the most visited pages and the number of visitors. This information is used to measure traffic on these web sites. By analysing this data on how visitors use services, we can subsequently improve these services. All the information collected via cookies is anonymous and collected solely for the purpose of developing and monitoring traffic trends on our websites.

3. Information about cookies and disabling them

If you would like additional information on the main cookies used by Econocom, you will find below the link to obtain this information and to oppose the use of these cookies.

Audience-tracking cookies: Google Analytics

4. Cookie settings in web browsers

You can also configure your cookies via your web browser. The methods for managing and deleting cookies vary from one browser to another. Here are the links to the browser setting instructions for the main web browsers: Firefox , Chrome , Internet Explorer , Safari , Opera

5. Cookie management tools

There are a number of free, easy-to-use solutions on the market that enable you to block cookies and other trackers.

For example:

6. Econocom Group’s Data Privacy Policy

To read Econocom Group’s privacy policy,  click here.