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Econocom currently offers the most extensive catalogue of applications on the market via an alliance with 13 cutting-edge European partnerships.

Find out how these partners are actively contributing to deploying mixed reality applications in organisations.


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BIM My Project offers solutions that value data from the digital model of construction projects. The BMP Connect application allows to visualize the work on a 1: 1 scale directly on site. With Mixed Reality the user interacts with the building model and enter in 3D world.

The entire property value chain has a dedicated application for HoloLens. On site, follow-up operations are facilitated. For the marketing phase, the buyer can appreciate volumes to design his future property.


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C3D is a company specialized in new digital technologies : 3D, virtual and augmented/mixed reality. We design and develop solutions for training, maintenance, exploitation and marketing.

We have had many successes with industrials companies - as part of their global innovation strategy. Our approach relies on 15 years of experience in virtual reality and interactivity - 3D, mobile devices, augmented reality, gesture recognition, 3D printing…


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Diota designs, develops and provides Industry 4.0 solutions based upon cutting-egde technologies such as Augmented Reality and automatic control. Directly connected to information systems and usable without specific training through standard hardware devices like the Microsoft Hololens, these solutions enable industrial players to digitize their processes and optimize operational efficiency. 

The DiotaPlayer for Hololens is a model-based tracking technology connected to industrial information systems. It enforces Augmented Reality applications highly adapted to industrial requirements and which help to production, control, maintenance and formation. 


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HoloForge Interactive is the international benchmark in terms of mixed reality business solutions. We are partnering with many world-class clients and start ups, already using our HoloLens applications on the field for training, maintenance, economies of scale, energy savings, employee performances, coworking, marketing efficiency...

With an unparalleled expertise of 7 years, our skilled team of Engineers, Developers, Designers, 3D Artists put their art of tech to serve industries & services and our solid in-house SDK provides our partners with secured, proven, and reliable tools. 


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Convinced that Augmented Reality will reshape how we work in the future, we provide industrial companies with the best tools to take advantage of this revolution. With Bridge, our SaaS solution, we radically improve design, sales and training phases of industrial companies.                                                                                                      

Bridge is making it easy to present 3D models to other people, wherever they are. By removing the need to build real mockups, industrial companies are gaining time and reducing their logistics costs.


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Customised applications and packaged solutions, Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, IoT: innoteo's offer propels companies into the dynamics of the digital era and contributes to the development of the industry of the future. 

The latest innovative product from innoteo, dimeo is an immersive solution dedicated to training ( It uses Microsoft's HoloLens Mixed Reality technology and allows operators, technicians or warehouse workers to learn quickly and efficiently in their working environment. 

innoteo facilitates access to the digital world through a range of training courses focused on people and new technologies.


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NOMADEEC telemedicine platform is dedicated to all emergency and on-call practitioners. It allows any type of paramedic or care giver (from ambulance companies, firefighters, nurses...)  to transmit a complete assessments to a remote doctor. Since 2018, the platform has also open-up to tele-consultation and tele-prescription.

Practitioners can manage patient care keeping their hands free. Holographic interfaces can be activated with voice command or gesture, to collect and transmit an assessment to a remote doctor. If needed a tele-consultation can be initiated.


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Plain Concepts provides innovative and engaging custom solutions. We have extensive experience developing Virtual and Mixed Reality solutions for Marketing, Health, Manufacturing and Construction. Our own 3D multiplatform development engine Wave Engine, allows us to develop custom visual experiences.                                      

By Incorporating Wave Engine into our developments, this give us greater flexibility and freedom in creating unique visual experiences for our clients, enabling them to push their projects to the limits.


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Synergiz is a digital company specialized in collaborative and interactive solutions. Recognized for its innovation mind and its use approach, Synergiz helps the organizations to implement their digital transformation. With its Microsoft technology expertise, Synergiz focuses its R&D activities on natural interfaces in connected environment. Member of the MRPP - Mixed Reality Partner Program, the company is well known in France as one of the pioneers of mixed reality and HoloLens usage. Synergiz works with major national accounts such as Engie, Kuka, Roullier, LVMH, Danone, and TF1.


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Taqtile provides software solutions to optimize workforce enablement using xR & cloud technology.

Manifest, by Taqtile, is a mixed-reality solution for hands-free authoring of step-by-step instructions, allowing users to perform inspections, maintenance, and other complex tasks. Unleash your inner expert with Manifest!