Discover the potential uses of mixed reality

A major technological breakthrough, HoloLens is a self-contained, holographic computer that can unleash the potential of mixed reality for your organisation.

Find out how to get the most from HoloLens (version 1).


Mixed reality: the future of learning

By introducing HoloLens into classrooms, you can offer students a more fun, immersive, hands-on approach to learning.

Key benefits of HoloLens

Strengthen team spirit
Optimise learning time
Boost interest and engagement
Improve understanding
Training in real-life situations

Microsoft Mixed Reality: revolutionising education

Windows Mixed Reality and Microsoft HoloLens turn abstract concepts into immersive 3D experiences in the classroom and offer students a more in-depth, clearer, hands-on learning experience.

Manufacturing and construction

From design to production, mixed reality optimises processes and collaboration

Reduce lead-times across the production chain, improve quality control, reduce cognitive load in operators and speed up training.

Key benefits of HoloLens

Reduce costs
Reduce risks
Improve employee efficiency
Faster decision-making
Make sure information gets to the right place

Microsoft HoloLens : Partner Spotlight with Ford

Using HoloLens to visualize full scale models in 3D, Ford design and engineering teams are able to iterate more quickly – processes that used to take weeks now take days because they no longer need to physically build every prototype. They can more easily and securely share ideas across the company, and consider many more concepts than previously possible.


Boost sales thanks to mixed reality

Stand out from the competition:

Boost sales and maximise engagement by presenting your products and services in a unique, innovative way.

Key benefits of HoloLens

Improve customer services
Ensure maximum impact
Stand out from the competition
Boost sales
Optimise store layout

Imagine the future with Microsoft Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality enables an optimal mixed reality experience in which all devices work seamlessly together, regardless of whether they’re developed for virtual reality, augmented reality or any other environment. Windows Mixed Reality helps extend the Windows ecosystem way beyond the PC.


Mixed reality: a powerful ally for healthcare professionals

Use it as a diagnostic tool for urgent procedures, view information in real time during complex surgical procedures, provide realistic training for medical students and optimise the design of your operating theatres thanks to HoloLens.

Key benefits of HoloLens

Reduce risks
Improve employee efficiency
Training in real-life situations
Faster decision-making
Handle emergency situations

AP-HP: revolutionising surgery

A major breakthrough: the very first surgical procedure using mixed reality. A patient at Avicenne AP-HP Hospital on the outskirts of Paris underwent a successful shoulder operation performed by a surgeon using Microsoft HoloLens.